• As previously noticed, on May 16, 2017 a meeting of Port stakeholders was held in the NYSA-ILA training conference room to discuss operational parameters which may be required to accommodate the safe and efficient meeting handling of Super Ultra Large Container Vessels in the Port. The meeting was chaired/coordinated by the USCG.
  • Discussions revolved around the documents previously circulated.
  • Key elements of discussion involved the definition of SULCVs (beam over 159ft), visibility and wind parameters, the limitation of SULCV transits to 1 hour either side of a slack tide, the need to establish advance notice systems, meeting/passing restrictions, bunker barge operations, bow in/stern out operations, Port Jersey restrictions for passenger vessel and/or car carrier berthing, requirement for mid-ship crane placements, and boom-up requirements, limitation of max 2 bow/stern lines per bollard, requirement of 100 ft minimum spacing between berthed vessels alignment, etc.
  • Discussions also included such economic topics as passage/vessel priority decisions, berthing restrictions, work stoppage requirements, etc, and who will be a possible governing party to resolve any potential dispute.
  • USCG and all stakeholders agreed to carefully consider all comments.
  • Further meetings will be convened as/when required.



  • Advised that the NYC Mayor’s Office will be announcing a Jobs Initiative Program intended to create 100,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.
  • It is expected that transportation, including maritime-related industries will be a targeted segment due to the high percentage of living wage jobs with family sustaining benefits.
  • The program will seek to help create jobs delivering incomes of $50K or higher, or jobs of at least $30k with career development potential.
  • The program is intended to address income gaps, and high unemployment segments.
  • The program will attempt to stimulate infrastructure development, and create public awareness of job opportunities.
  • Further details will be announced shortly, and NYCEDC will work with the maritime industry.



  • Have you noticed a lot of Sailors and Marines in town?
  • Fleet Week began as a flotilla of Naval and USCG vessels sailed into NYC on May 24, 2017 as part of the opening of Fleet Week in NYC.
  • Vessels have been open for public visits at various locations including the NYC Passenger terminal, SUNY Maritime, and the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point


USCG Foundation Golf Outing

  • The annual USCG Foundation Scholarship golf outing was held at the Staten Island Golf Club on May 22, 2017, and although a bit “soggy” was enjoyed by all.
  • This outing benefits the scholarship fund for deserving USCG families.
  • If you missed the event this year, plan on attending next year for a fun outing supporting a great cause!



  • On April 25, 2017 a meeting was held at the Central Park Zoo offices of the Wildlife Conservation Society to discuss the present status of marine mammal conservation.
  • The meeting involved various maritime stakeholders and concentrated on the whale community.
  • Current procedures, and newly evolving detection/avoidance capabilities were discussed.



  • Following the Harbor Ops Full Cttee meeting held on May 17, 2017, an Oil Terminal Roundtable meeting was held to discuss maters of importance to oil/bulk terminal facilities.
  • The meeting was chaired by LT Miller, USCG, and discussed SULVC protocols and operating requirements, updates on bridge construction/demolition projects, and the condition and safety considerations of gangways.



  • Incidents of dangerous encounters with drones, and lasers have been reported in the harbor.
  • These dangerous occurrences will be discussed at the next Passenger Vessel Sub-Cttee and be forwarded to the Harbor Ops Steering ctte for further review.



  • All port stakeholders are reminded of the urgent need to make all necessary reports of domestic cargo and passengers to the USACE. These reports are vital components for consideration of USACE dredging and survey funds, and under, or non-reporting will result in the potential of underfunding for critical Port infrastructure work.



  • On June 4, the World Ocean Festival will hold an OCEAN MARCH parade of boats. The parade will depart Pier 64 at noon, and terminate at Gantry Park on the East River at 1500hr. The parade is anticipated to include approximately 20 vessels proceeding at a speed of 6 knots. The largest expected vessel will be the JOHN HARVEY.
  • On June 24 there will be an outrigger race off the New Jersey Shore.
  • City of Water day will be held on July 15, and is expected to involve many human-powered vessels, and small boats.



  • MAPONY/NJ participated in the April 18/19 Seattle meeting of the NOAA Hydrographic Services Review Panel, a Federal advisory committee to NOAA. Topics included charting initiatives, PORTS systems and funding, precision navigation projects, NOAA budgeting, surveying and NRT operations. It was a pleasure to see CAPT Linda Sturgis, a recent Sector NY officer who is the current Captain of the Port, Sector Puget Sound.
  • Ambassador Phil Murphy, candidate for the Governor’s office of the State of NJ, joined the BoD of MAPONY/NJ following their business meeting of April 26 to discuss matters of concern to the commercial maritime industry in the NY/NJ Port.
  • MAPONY/NJ’s       24th Annual International Maritime Hall of Fame Gala was held on May 10, at the Grand Hyatt and was an enjoyable and successful evening.
  • The next session of our award-winning SHIPPING 101 class is being held on the week of June 12-16. There are still some very limited seating opportunities open…get in touch if you or your staff would benefit from attending this great class!
  • On May 18, Kevin Corbett, MAPONY/NJ President, Andrew Genn, MAPONY/NJ Director, and Ed Kelly, MAPONY/NJ Executive Director, joined the Working Harbor Cttee Harbor Tour as Narrators for the students of the Urban Assembly School of Global Commerce, and a private NJ HS to tour the harbor on a NY Waterway vessel mad possible by a generous grant from the marine Society of the City of NY. It was an excellent opportunity to explain the workings of the maritime industry in the Port

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