· Since our 1873 inception, we have been actively engaged as the local Marine Exchange. Currently, our 24/7 staff duly records a data base of 23 key informational elements pertaining to the arrival/departures/shifts of vessels calling the Port. These elements include vessel name/owner/Lloyd’s number/registered tonnage/state flag/arrival or departure date/agent/berth/tug company, etc.

· We compile these data sets on a daily basis to update our NY/NJ data base, and we also send our data to MISNA (Maritime Information Services of North America), an organization of which we are a member, that works to compile vessel movement tracking data for all major ports in North America.

· Both through our own local action, and through the efforts of MISNA, we regularly provide such data to a range of subscribers that have included CBP, MARAD, USCG, Office of Naval Intelligence, PANY/NJ, tug companies, pilots, chandlers, NYSA/ILA, law firms, academics, crew service organizations, religious service organizations, and various others who use the data to compile historical records, plan port construction projects, and understand competitive conditions. Many organizations also use our data, and our “to-come” reports to schedule labor, tugs, launches, vessel visits, etc. Our data can be formatted in various useful reports, or you can subscribe to raw data.

· Our data and our 24/7 staff help to facilitate local maritime traffic in our Port, and we are routinely asked for such info as “What terminal is a ship using?”, “Who is the agent for that ship?”, “Do you have a contact person at that facility?”, “When will that ship arrive/sail?

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