Is There a Doctor in the House?

  • MAPONY/NJ is most pleased to note that on JAN 27, 2017, our very own CAPT Brian A. McAllister, one of the most prominent names in the American maritime industry will receive an honorary doctorate from SUNY Maritime College. CAPT McAllister is the Chairman of the family’s 153 year old company, the firm he first joined in 1959. He received a B.S. degree in Marine Engineering and a USCG Third Assistant Engineer license upon graduation from SUNY Maritime in 1959. So…should we call him “Captain”?…or “Doctor”?. Either way…Congratulations, Brian!!!…Well deserved!



  • USACE will undertake a NY/NJ Harbor Navigation Study to study possible anchorage, bend easing, and other navigation channel modifications following completion of the 50 ft project construction, to ensure navigation channels continue to meet Port of NY/NJ current and future requirements. The PANYNJ will be the Non-Federal partner in the 50/50 fed/non-fed cost. Final Feasibility Report scheduled for SEP 2018with Chief’s Report tentatively scheduled for MAR, 2019
  • USACE will undertake a NY/NJ Harbor and Tributaries Study to evaluate the potential for coastal storm damage, including storm surge, wave attack, and erosion as well as intense rainfall-stormwater runoff events. The study will encompass more than 2,150 square miles mostly in the Harbor/Hudson River, and nearby tributaries. Study recommendations may include comprehensive solutions in addition to specific structural, non-structural, and natural measures to address impacted areas. The expected initial study funding is expected to be $3 Million and be completed in 2018. More information will be forthcoming regarding stakeholder and public meetings/hearings.


Bayonne Bridge

  • Work is progressing nicely in the lifting of the Bayonne Bridge roadway.
  • Concerned parties are now considering at what point in re-construction will the 14K ULCV be able to safely transit.
  • The removal of the lower roadway will require the placement of barges adjacent to the channel for some portion of the work.
  • The Deep Draft Working Group DDWG) must determine when navigational height and channel width will be sufficient to begin ULCV transits.
  • It is currently estimated that the barges will be removed when removal to posts/sections 6 North and 6 South occurs. That may occur by some time in early/mid June 2017.
  • The DDWG will work closely with the PANYNJ to monitor construction progress, and make a final determination regarding ULCV transit availability.
  • The next update will be made at the HOPs Steering Cttee scheduled for February 8, 2017.
  • Notification to al concerned stakeholders will be made at the earliest possible timing.


Hudson River Anchorages

  • The extended public comment period closed on DEC 6, 2016, and approximately 10750 comments were filed.
  • It remains expected that this proposed rulemaking will move to a public hearing format, possibly with a late Spring announcement
  • It is expected that USCG will perform some Environmental Impact Study work, and then refine the proposal.
  • In the interim period, Mariners are reminded that the currently applicable Marine Safety Information Bulletin remains in effect, and that it is required to make notice to USCG when anchoring in non-designated areas. USCG has received multiple photos of vessels allegedly anchored in non-designated areas.


Need a Pilot?

  • We have received notice that two well known industry figures affiliated with the Sandy Hook Pilots will be retiring. Both Jack Olthius and Rick Schoenlank have decided to set a course for retirement. Both gentlemen were key players in making our Port safe, secure and efficient, and both will be missed! We wish them both fair winds and following seas on their new course!


Hudson River Tunnel Project

  • The project will be designed to keep/repair the existing AMTRAK/NJT North River Tunnel while creating a second redundant tunnel.
  • The new and old tunnels will have the same origin/destination points on land
  • The old tunnel had been approx 12 ft below the river bottom, while the new tunnel will be deepest on the west side of the river and will gradually rise to approx 10 ft below the river bottom on the East side.
  • An enclosed cofferdam will be used to “enrich” the shallow portion of the 550 ft section of impacted river bottom.
  • The enrichment will be done via 15 proposed borings that will inject the bottom with a mix of “Soilcrete”. The borings will be made by 2 barge-mounted rigs working concurrently. The proposed start of the borings will be Feb/Mar 2017 and will continue for 11 weeks with the barges moving across the impacted area.
  • All tunnel work will be conducted with boring machines.
  • A complete safety plan must be submitted to USCG before work can begin.
  • Due to the width of the navigable waterway, and the relative small size of the barges, no appreciable negative impact on the river’s navigable area is expected at this time.
  • It is suggested that the barges be equipped with AIS while working in the river to enhance safety.


Resilient Industry Study

  • On Jan 18, 2017, the NYC Dept of City Planning released the preliminary Resilient Industry Study which was formulated by the Technical Advisory Committee.
  • The study was intended to find ways to: Reduce Flood hazards; Improve emergency preparedness; Identify cost-effective physical and operational strategies; and Identify financial and insurance challenges to businesses in industrial flood zones.
  • The initial report is the culmination of the work done by various NYC Depts and agencies in conjunction with the TAC.
  • The study commenced in Winter 2015, and it is now expected that the final report will be issued in Spring 2017, with distribution to interested stakeholders during Spring/Summer 2017. MAPONY/NJ will be a distributing partner.



  • Noted that Frank Fiumano had a heart attack on 26 DEC 2016, and is currently recovering.
  • On behalf of Frank, Frank Gorman reported on several USCG-related harbor security issues.
  • USCG/USN/NYPD/NJPD have been conducting a Harbor Underwater Security Assessment. We are awaiting receipt of the USN report.
  • The Gotham Shield project involves USCG with Northcom and FEMA and will be conducting various security-related exercises. Currently scheduled are a 23 APR 2017 exercise modeling a 10KT IED at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel, and a 3 JUL 2017 scheduled exercise modeling various active shooter/small boat/people in the water scenarios.
  • The Port And Waterway Safety Assessment report is under review by Sector NY and will be released to stakeholders after review is finalized.
  • The Ellis Island proposed rulemaking public comment period has been extended for 60 days.



  • The Port Authority of NY/NJ has initiated a request for the USACE to initiate a study to examine the feasibility to review anchorage capacity, turn easements; etc after the 50 ft harbor deepening project has been concluded. Bryce will be the USACE contact and Omar will be the PANY/NJ contact. There will stakeholder meetings convened to determine the scope of the study.
  • The East River Ferry permits are awaiting input from NY State.
  • The East Rockaway Inlet is more than 50% finished
  • Abandoned/derelict pipelines are still being removed from the Arthur Kill. USACE will issue a new controlling depth report when work is finished.
  • Eastchester Creek has obtained a dredging subsidy from the Empire State Development Corp. This industrial secondary channel must be dredged in order to maintain navigational capability. It was noted that the proper reporting of volumes transported on such waterways is essential to obtaining USACE dredging funding.



  • Darren Wright of COOPS, NOAA HQ office attended the HOPS Steering Cttee meeting and relayed info regarding NOAA activity in the harbor.
  • Noted that a new air-gap sensor is being deployed on the upper level of the Bayonne Bridge. The currently deployed sensor on the lower level will be removed as the construction schedule allows.
  • NOAA is aware of the pending request that NOAA do a complete current survey to “re-calibrate” data in the area impacted by the completion of the 50 ft channel deepening project. The most critical area is the KVK, and special emphasis must be made for the Bergen Point area, due to the turning requirements at that location.
  • NOAA advises that a full current survey would take almost 3 years to initiate/complete, with needs for scoping, data collection/analysis.
  • The stakeholders indicated that it is critical to obtain accurate, real-time current data in the Bergen Point area. The previously stationed current meter had been removed during the 50 ft project
  • NOAA advised that it could take up to 1 year for NOAA to successfully go through their process to obtain/deploy a real-time current meter. Darren noted that additional funding would have to be forthcoming from the local PORTS sponsor (PANYNJ) in order to proceed, and that it could be faster/cheaper if a local sponsor (USACE or PANYNJ) would directly contract with installers.
  • PANYNJ has evidenced an interest in evaluating making a direct installation contract, and a meeting will be initiated among pertinent stakeholders (NOAA/Oceanographers/Contractors/Pilots, etc) to explore requirements.


Tappan Zee Bridge

  • The construction contractors working on the TZ Bridge have advised that they will NOT be making the West Channel available for navigation despite having previously confirming that the West Channel would be available as necessary, and NOAA having performed a survey to ensure navigational capacity.
  • USACE and USCG (Bridges) will follow up to determine whether making the West Channel available for navigation was part of the permit.
  • All TZ construction related closures are now available on HOMEPORT.


Passenger Vessel Sub-Cttee

  • The sub-committee will meet on 5 Feb 2017 with an emphasis on the impact of Post-Inaugural river closures due to POTUS/Family movements. It is expected that there will be regular Fri/Sun closure periods involving movements to/from the Wall St heliport.