• CAPT Day has announced that in early June, 2018, CAPT Jason Tama (Currently serving as Deputy Captain of the Port, Sector NY), will succeed him as Captain of the Port, Sector NY. CAPT Day will relocate to USCG HQ in Wash DC to oversee USCG Human Resources. Dates of succession will be announced.
  • USCG is in discussions whether to sell the USCG Battery facility to the NPS. NPS desires the property for use in ferry operations. It was noted that NYC DOT owns the access street, and a 10 ft setback in front of the said building.
  • USCG reported that Ice Operations in the Harbor and the Hudson River are progressing well despite the extended cold weather.
  • The main span of the Tappan Zee Bridge deconstruction project is now scheduled to be lowered on/about April 16, 2018. Further details regarding channel operations will be made as the date approaches.
  • The main span of the deconstructed Goethals Bridge was successfully lowered on January 16, 2018 without any undue incident.
  • As a follow-on to the recent Hudson River PAWSAs, the initial meeting to establish a Hudson River Harbor Safety Committee was scheduled for January 25, 2018
  • It is expected that the resulting report for the Hudson River PAWSAs will be released some time in mid-February.
  • There will be a meeting between USCG and NPS to further discuss acceptable operating parameters to allow vessel passage behind Ellis Island. Subsequent to the meeting there will be a notice in the Federal Register to allow comment.



  • Dredging at Sandy Hook continues due to weather delays. Project was about 70% complete.
  • It is expected that USACE will commence Newark Bay dredging in Summer, 2018.



  • The alongside pier soundings project has been completed, and hydro survey data of PA berths is now available.
  • 1Q2018 maintenance dredging is on schedule
  • Selected berths at APM/MAHER/PNCT are expected to be deepened to 50ft as funding becomes available.



  • NJDOT ready to move forward on use of Stevens Institute data, and the placement of current meters, and expects PANY/NJ agreement to proceed shortly.


Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Representatives of Stevens Institute of Technology are working on a project to study the Navigational safety of recreational boaters in NY/NJ Harbor.
  • The proposed study would seek to collect data relating to recreational boating accidents, vessel size/type, location of incidents, weather conditions, etc in an attempt to better profile such information and create a forecasting matrix.
  • The study would require approx $160,000 in funding. No funding stream has yet been identified.
  • HOPs Steering Cttee provided feedback which Stevens accepted for further consideration


Hudson River HSC

  • On January 25, 2018 USCG sponsored an initial planning meeting to discuss the potential to form a Hudson River Harbor Safety Committee (HSC).
  • The meeting was held at the Norrie Point Environmental Center in Staatsburg, NY.
  • USCG had sent invitations to the meeting to persons/organizations which had participated in the recent Hudson River PAWSAs.
  • The meeting was attended by approx 40 people representing various stakeholders, and was chaired by Ian Corcoran of the Hudson River Pilot Association.
  • USCG made a presentation regarding the general function, composition, and achievements of several different HSC models currently in operation around the USA.
  • Andrew McGovern, Ed Kelly and Ray Fusco discussed how our Harbor Safety, Navigation and Operations has successfully functioned in the NY/NJ Port area.
  • The meeting attendees agreed to a follow-up meeting to discuss the formation of a Hudson River HSC. The meeting date/location will be advised.
  • MAPONY/NJ strongly recommends a strong turnout of commercial operators at the next meeting to ensure a good focus on commercial and industrial concerns.


Dock of Safe Refuge

  • Subsequent to a recent case of a vessel having lost propulsion, and then NOT having a berth available, a discussion has been held regarding what the standard operating procedure should be regarding handling a vessel that does not have a dock of safe refuge.
  • USCG will further consider this matter, and promulgate procedures to be discussed with relevant stakeholders.


Brooklyn Waterfront

  • Upon NY Governor Cuomo’s comments regarding the Brooklyn waterfront, there has been considerable discussion in relation to the current and future status of the Brooklyn commercial waterfront.
  • The discussion revolves around the AECOM plan to re-develop the Red Hook area, and the potential movement of some commercial activities to South Brooklyn Marine Terminal.
  • It is to be noted that Cuomo has only mentioned a possible evaluation of such a plan, and there is no commitment, funding, or active discussion at this point
  • In order to further enhance the profile of the Commercial and Industrial Brooklyn Waterfront, MAPONY/NJ is working with Mike Stamatis of Red Hook Container Terminal to convene a stakeholder’s meeting, and to provide comments to the Press
  • MAPONY/NJ will also make contacts with relevant political offices.


Waterfront Commission

  • New Jersey has passed legislation that would serve to withdraw NJ from the Waterfront Commission.
  • The legislation, NJ S2042/(16R) and NJ A2179/(16R), passed the NJ Senate by a vote of 38-0
  • The Waterfront Commission has initiated legal action to prevent the NJ withdrawal, and NY has suspended enacting the withdrawal pending the result of the litigation.


  • Although the SULCV Guidelines have been working well, a recent incident showed a need to improve communications and operating procedures regarding the placement of bunkering barges during SULCV transits.
  • USCG is evaluating various means with which to improve vessel/barge/VTS communications, and proper tug placement requirements.


Raritan Bay Loop

  • The engineering consultants are doing borings to evaluate bottom conditions
  • It should be possible to create a transit area with a lowered pipeline section that would allow recreational vessel passage
  • Williams (Contractor) plans to present an updated plan sometime in MAR/APR



  • MAPONY/NJ will offer a Spring 2018 SHIPPING 101 course during April. Dates will be announced shortly.


NY City Council Waterfront Committee

  • It has been noted that the NY City Council has eliminated the long-standing Waterfront Committee, and has relegated Maritime concerns to the Sub-Committee on landmarks, Public Siting, and Maritime Uses, which is under the Committee on Land Use.
  • In order to continue a strong focus on the needs of the commercial maritime industry, MAPONY/NJ has arranged a meeting with Council Member Adams, Chair of the Sub-cttee.

NY/NJ Maritime Employment

As a follow-up to the October 2017 Maritime Career Awareness Fair, Debi Rose, the Chairwoman of the NYC City Council Waterfront Committee held a hearing about Maritime Employment on December 14, 2017 at NYC City Hall.

The October 2017 Maritime Career Awareness Fair was organized by NYC Economic Development Corp and was held at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. It connected more than 150 high school students with two dozen organizations specializing in maritime-careers, including colleges, labor unions, ferry and excursion boat operators, major trade associations, plus the Coast Guard, FDNY, and NYPD. MAPONY/NJ was an organizing member of that fair, and served as the keynote speaker.

In his testimony at the NYC City Council hearing, Ed Kelly of MAPONY/NJ testified regarding the importance of incubating an educational system which would be aware of opportunities in the Maritime Sector, and which could help to develop skills necessary for employment. Kelly suggested increased spending on CTE schools such as the Harbor School, the Urban Assembly School of Global Commerce, and McKee Technical High School as well as a broader availability of traditional skills such as welding, electronics, machine operation, etc.

The following is an article distributed by NYC Councilwoman and Chair of the NYC City Council Waterfront Committee, Debi Rose:

Building our maritime industry

As Chair of the City Council’s Committee on Waterfronts, I convened a hearing last week on the state of our maritime industry.
We heard testimony from the city’s Economic Development Corporation, the Maritime Association, the Waterfront Alliance, City University of New York, the Harbor School, the Tug and Barge Association and several other waterfront advocates.

The Port of New York and New Jersey is our region’s gateway to international commerce and is the largest maritime port on the eastern seaboard and the third largest in the United States, following Los Angeles and Long Beach. The maritime industry supports almost 36,000 jobs—with $3.5 billion generated in economic activity for the City.

If the City is to truly maintain its status as the economic capital of the nation and work to diversify its economy, it has to maintain and strengthen its investment in the maritime industry.  This will continue to be the engine of the City’s economic growth and I want to make sure that New Yorkers are well equipped to take part in that growth as members of the industry’s workforce.

I remain committed to restarting the Waterfront Management Advisory Board. The City Council has made most of its appointments, and I call on the administration to make its appointments and set a meeting for the beginning of the new year.

In the new year, I also look forward to meeting with representatives of the maritime sector to talk about legislation and funding to move forward the city’s commitment to preparing our students for maritime careers.