• A meeting of the Full Newtown Creek Citizen’s Advisory Ctte (CAG) was held in Queens on the evening of 5 April 2017.
  • USEPA and DEP reported on their various studies including: Clean Water-Floatables; Long Term Combined Sewer Overflow controls; Human Risk Analyses; Ecological Risk Analyses; Remediation Evaluation Study.
  • Riverkeeper advised that they have received a grant to initiate a study to create a Vision for Newtown Creek that will address and include all facets of stakeholder input.
  • NYCEDC presented their Secondary Channel study which identified the critical economic importance of maritime-related industry located on NYC secondary channels, and how proper dredging plays an important role in keeping these channels open for commerce, and creating jobs.
  • Reviewed options regarding placards that will be positioned on NC to advise of contaminated seafood caught in the area.

ULCV Ready?

  • With the de-construction of the Bayonne Bridge proceeding smoothly, preparations to ensure that NY/NJ is ULCV ready continue apace.
  • All parties concur that final operating parameters will not be established until all proper considerations are made.
  • The last 2 classes at MITAGS are in the final stage after which the HOPs Deep Draft Working Group (DDWG) will review all simulation results/considerations, and make recommendations regarding operational requirements and procedures.
  • DDWG will coordinate with the USCG VTS to create initial operating guidelines.
  • PANYNJ will discuss with the Vessel Coordination Group including vessel operators and Marine Terminals.
  • USCG will initiate a Port Stakeholder meeting to discuss initial operating requirements and get stakeholder input. The meeting will be held May 16, with announcements being circulated to concerned parties.
  • Discussions will detail proposed operating guidelines including: # required pilots;# required tugs; definition of ULVCs; anchorage usage; traffic patterns;, impact on non-ULVC port operations; bunkering operations; weather constraints; tidal windows; potential for virtual ATONs due to restricted visibility; and others.





  • Ellis Island proposed rulemaking extended written comment period closed on April 17, 2017. USCG will announce result after tabulation/consideration of all comments.
  • Coast Guard City-Staten Island application already in process for consideration. Will await decision.
  • PAWSA- (Port And Waterway Safety Assessment) has been reviewed by Sector NY. Currently being finalized at USCG HQ, and expect final report within several weeks.
  • The Atlantic Coast Port Access Route Study (ACPARS) has been completed, but is not fully responsive to area needs, with only limited proposals regarding setbacks and traffic lanes.
  • The NTSB report regarding boating safety that touches upon the recent incident between a ferry and kayakers in NY harbor has attracted some attention. The report will be evaluated/discussed by the HOPs Education Sub-Cttee with recommendations/comments back to the Stg Cttee. LCD Hobson will establish a POC for further discussion.


  • Still evaluating the Hallets Cove, Astoria landing area for City Wide Ferry (CWF).
  • CWF held a rec-boater meeting to discuss current plans/options
  • Any potential conflicts with established/traditional kayak launch/landing areas will be evaluated and mitigated in the coming months. HOPs will be kept updated on progress.
  • There will be a USACE public comment period established before review of any USACE permit being granted.


  • Sandy Hook and Newark Bay area maintenance will be performed this Fall.
  • Cheesequake Creek testing/sampling project has not yet received funding.
  • Sampling/testing at Ward’s Point Bend will commence with dredging projected to take place in approx 1 year.
  • USACE is considering permits filed for CWF at LI City and Roosevelt Island landing areas.
  • CHPE-USCG 1st District now evaluating the submitted Navigation Risk Assessment prior to any further movement by USACE.


  • Noted that the NOAA National Charting Plan is available for public comment.


  • Confirmed that the Spring soundings are being finalized, and should be available by mid-May.


  • The de-construction phase is proceeding smoothly
  • A new PORTS air-gap sensor has been positioned on the upper roadway, and will be activated when navigational clearance has been established.
  • Discussions regarding the replacement of necessary current sensors continues among PANYNJ/NJDOT/USACE/NOAA to determine proper requirements/hardware/software.
  • Current sensor funding will be obtained through the Bi-State Dredge Fund.


  • Now initiating studies to determine movement of area sediments
  • Working with NYC to study needs/potential for area mass evacuation plans