• The USCG Meet and Greet was successfully held on Sep 9
  • There will be consideration of the Security Zone currently in place around Ellis Island. A full notice will be forthcoming soon.
  • A Marine Transportation System Recovery Unit (MTSRU) USCG staff person will be hired shortly. Full name/status/job description to follow shortly.
  • The UN General Assembly Meeting was conducted with no incident.
  • There will be an Ice Operations Meeting scheduled for November. Time/date/location to be announced shortly.


NJTPA (NJ Transportation Planning Authority)

  • Will be conducting a study pertaining to the potential to support/expand maritime-related development on Northern NJ shorelines and estuaries. HOPs will remain in touch, but members are invited to visit the NJTPA website for further info.


Tappan Zee Bridge

  • TZ Bridge engineering team made an early preview of the TZ Bridge de-construction process and sequencing at the HOPs Steering Cttee meeting. Good communications regarding basic planning, sequencing, and impacts.
  • Noted that the de-construction plan WILL have significant impacts on navigation channel.
  • It is expected that the primary impact to navigation will occur during the cutting/lowering phase of the center span.
  • During main channel closure, the alternate channels will be available for use, and it was noted that those channels will need to be surveyed, marked, and kept clear for navigation usage.
  • Indicated that shielding will reduce air draft by approx an additional 2 ft (in addition to the 8ft inspection platform reduction.
  • Consultation will be made with the T&B Cttee and Hudson River Pilots to determine required channel width during the cantilever de-construction phase.
  • Noted that there will be further study done to determine the proper removal of the old caissons. The maritime community wants the old caissons to be removed to a minimum of 2 ft below the river bottom, and to eliminate the existing caisson “bump” to restore a flat river bottom.
  • Noted that thus far, the construction program has worked smoothly with good communications between the engineers and the T&B Cttee and Hudson River Pilots (primary impact parties)
  • TZ Bridge engineers promises that they will expect to hold a series of communication meetings so as to allow de-construction to proceed as smoothly as construction operations have thus far proceeded.
  • It is expected that the next meeting with TZ Bridge personnel will take place in October.


Passaic River

  • Alice Yang of EPA presented an overview of the tentative plan to remediate the Passaic River.
  • The current plan is to dredge, and then cap the contaminated sediment.
  • The remediated area will focus on the lower 8.3 miles of the River.
  • The maritime community voiced concern regarding the plan to reduce the authorized depth of the river to a limited area. The problem is that once capping is done, no further deepening may occur, and potential maritime-related development will be impossible.
  • This is still at the early planning phase, and it is expected that cleanup will take at least 4 years, with dredging/capping taking an additional 6 years.
  • Noted that all capping will be side-to-side in the river to allow terminal activity.
  • Noted that a USACE Section 408 analysis would be necessary prior to any determination of channel revision.
  • EPA will keep parties advised of project progress.



  • NOAA advised that the Hudson River survey season has ended, and expects to have survey assets available again next year.



  • CHPE-noted that USCG District 1 has received the proposed Navigational Risk Assessment, and requires additional information to address some noted “problems”. All parties will continue to closely monitor this critical project.
  • The New York State Highway Transportation Co proposed mooring buoy to be located in Jamaica Bay has received opposition from the National Park Service. Continues under USACE consideration.
  • The NYCEDC East River Ferry application continues under review with a planned public comment period to be announced shortly. The NY Energy barge-mounted crane will expect to have public hearings; details to be forthcoming shortly.
  • The 50 ft channel is FINISHED!!! A ceremony was held on Sept 1, 2016 to commemorate the conclusion of this generational infrastructure project. USACE is conducting spot after-dredge surveys and will publish official controlling depth reports shortly.
  • The AK pipeline(s) removal project is still pending.
  • USACE is conducting routine maintenance dredging operations in Newark Bay (70% Complete) and the East River.
  • Noted that the US Navy dredging of Sandy Hook Channel has been completed. USACE will obtain USN survey data. It was noted that the maritime community has previously observed the rapid re-shoaling of this area, and that USACE has agreed to conduct a study to determine the reason for such rapid re-shoaling, and to implement a plan to address the problem.



  • PANYNJ is planning to remove 140,000 cuyds of material from berths at PNCT, Maher, and APMT, and public berths 23/25/26/28.
  • Berths are being dredged to existing design depths.
  • Noted that some terminals are seeking permits to go to 50ft. Some affected berths may require pier reinforcement to go deep.
  • Noted that the Bayonne Bridge project remains on schedule.
  • Noted that the PNCT/Red Hook barge service is meeting with some success.
  • Noted that with the arrival of larger vessels in the Port, there will be a need to re-define Berth designations.


NJDOT-Marine Resources

  • Expect to conduct a Dredge Cost Reduction Study. More info to come soon.



  • Hornblower will hold public meetings pertaining to the operation of the East River Ferry. Public notice of meeting schedules will be made available shortly. Noted that the 2017 start-up schedule is still in place.
  • A Waterfront permit process meeting will be held on 3 Oct at 26 Broadway to discuss the utility of the Waterfront Navigator application.
  • On 13 Oct, NYCEDC plans to sponsor a meeting to discuss the potential for maritime-related development in NYC secondary channel locations. Detail to follow.



  • Jay Titlow of WeatherFlow updated the need/use of wind and current sensors, and met with concerned parties to discuss/evaluate the need and possible positioning of additional sensors in the Port area.



  • MAPONY/NJ made updates on various items as detailed in the separate MARITIME MATTERS for September-2016.