MARITIME MATTERS – February 2017



PSEG Sewaren Project

  • The AKRF engineering firm has updated their initial plan for the barge delivery of various over-sized components which will become a part of the PSEG Power LLC Sewaren Unit 7 Combined Cycle Project.
  • The mooring systems for unloading the barges has been largely re-defined so as to be in more in accordance with comments made at their last meeting with HOPs Stg Ctee
  • It is now expected that the small pieces may begin delivery in April, and the large piece may be delivered in late June, or early July.
  • It was advised that the large piece will be transported on a barge measuring 100X300f, and will have an air-draft of 132 ft.
  • There will not be any night work performed, and the barges will be lit to USCG standard.
  • The barge operator will be Mamoet.
  • The 6 smaller barges will not pose any problem to navigating the channel.
  • The large barge will require a 6-8 hr maneuvering/unloading window, during which time no-wake provisions will be requested.



  • The Bayonne Bridge upper level roadway was opened to vehicular traffic on Presidents’ Day.
  • This will allow the start of lower roadway de-construction to begin


Newtown Creek

  • The Newtown Creek Citizen Advisory Committee (CAG) Steering Cttee (of which MAPONY/NJ is a member), met to evaluate progress and set the next meeting for the full CAG.
  • The Stg Cttee reviewed various issues relating to EPA reports, upland issues, aeration and health studies, ‘no fishing’ signage, dredging options, and the findings of several tech reports evaluating water quality.
  • The CAG by-laws will be reviewed with the aim of allowing a faster voting procedure.
  • EPA will be present at the next Full CAG meeting to discuss their various studies to date.
  • It is hoped that NYC EDC will be able to present their Secondary Channels Study at the next Full CAG meeting.
  • Date/location for the next Full CAG meeting will be advised shortly



  • The National Transportation Safety Board has released their study regarding mixed waterway usage.
  • This is a key consideration in the Port of NY/NJ.
  • The full report will be reviewed at the next HOPs meeting.


Brooklyn Maritime Summit

  • Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will convene a Brooklyn Waterfront Summit on Feb 22, 2017.
  • MAPONY/NJ is an invited party
  • We will report any issues/updates shortly



  • We are in the final stages of updating our NEW MAPONY/NJ website, and expect to go LIVE shortly.
  • We will announce our “Opening Day”, and hope that everyone will visit us!





  • The initial pieces of the Staten Island Wheel project have begun to move from Brooklyn to the Staten Island staging area by barge, as planned.
  • The Tappan Zee Bridge will have closures on FEB 14/15, and 18/19. There will be two 2 hour openings each day. Scheduling details can be found on the USCG HOMEPORT web site.
  • There is no update to report on the CHPE project application. USCG continues to review the submitted RNA.
  • USCG intends to publish an extension of time to file comments regarding the proposed rulemaking to allow small vessels to pass behind Ellis Island. MAPONY/NJ has already filed comments IN FAVOR of the proposal, as it is expected that by allowing small vessels to pass BEHIND Ellis Island, they will NOT be required to make passage in the more busy main navigation areas. We will re-advise upon receiving the notice of extension.
  • There has been no update regarding any waterway impact pertaining to POTUS transport in the harbor.



  • USACE is seeking funding to perform an expedited environmental testing for the Ward’s Point Bend shoaling area. Any such study may take several months to perform/analyze
  • The shoaling in the East Rockaway channel has been cleared.
  • It is expected that the next maintenance dredging project in Newark bay will take place in Fall (Sept?) of this year.
  • USACE has determined that they will NOT engage in dredging in Cheesequake Creek. NJDOT will further study whether they will take any action. The status may be updated based on the current Superfund status.
  • 5 of the currently pending CityWide Ferry permits have been approved for 2017
  • USACE continues to review the USCG comments regarding the CHPE project RNA submission.
  • New York State Marine Highway (aggregate by barge from upstate NY) has filed for 2 new permits on the Hudson River and 2 new permits for the North Shore of Long Island. Upon review, MAPONY/NJ will file comments.



  • Testing has begun prior to initiating maintenance dredging in Port Elizabeth at the APM/Maher facilities.
  • The PANYNJ and USACE are working together to define the scope of the 50Ft channel follow-up project which will address anchorages, bends, etc. the joint study phase will begin in the second half of February.
  • Bayonne Bridge vehicular traffic was moved to the new upper-level roadway on President’s day. This will allow commencement of de-constructing the lower roadway as soon as 20 Feb, 2017.
  • All container terminal facilities were closed on Thursday, 9 Feb due to snow conditions.
  • Training of the Pilots continues at MITAGS, with 2 groups left to complete training. Studies/testing are being done to evaluate/model 25 kt harbor windage conditions. Terminal operators should re-evaluate safe operating procedures regarding bollard strength, and placement of mooring lines



  • NOAA has made a proposal to the PANY/NJ for the replacement/establishment of the current meter(s) which will be required at the Bergen Point area.
  • Stevens Institute has made a proposal to study the requirements to evaluate the needs. The study will be submitted to the pilot groups to solicit their comments and evaluation of needs.


Passenger Vessels

  • It has been confirmed that at this time, NYC EDC has withdrawn their intention to operate a Citywide ferry landing at the initially proposed 62nd St location.
  • It is understood that the USCG investigation into the recent Ferry/Kayak incident has been concluded, and findings should be released shortly.
  • There will be a need to further educate human powered boaters about the need to always wear a personal flotation device (PFD).
  • All passenger vessels are encouraged to be sure to report accurate passenger count reports to FTA/FHWA/USACE in order to have accurate data which will be able to be used for funding requests.
  • Drone activity has been reported in the area of passenger vessels. Any such activity should immediately be reported to the USCG and either NYPD or NJDOT.


Oil Terminal Roundtable

  • Under the auspices of the USCG Captain of the Port, and USCG Waterway Management, there was an oil terminal roundtable meeting/discussion held on 18 Jan 2017. Topics discussed included:
  1. The safety of gangways at terminals
  2. Challenges associated with several concurrent large scale infrastructure projects, i.e., 3 major bridge construction/deconstruction projects, recent completion of the 50 ft channel project, and the anticipated increase in container vessel size, and transit complexity
  3. The need for proper security Zone signage per 33 CFR part165.169
  4. Certificates of Adequacy and terminal responsibilities under 33 CFR Par 158
  5. The need for exercising oil spill response resources.
  6. Next Roundtable to be held on April 12, 2017.