Hall of Fame 2017 Awards

In 1873, 140 firms representing all facets of New York City’s commercial life created the Maritime Association. Empowered by an act of the State Legislature to “establish a Maritime Exchange for the collection and prompt dissemination of the news of the current hour, commercial, financial and general, in advance of publication,” the Association is still vibrant today.

The Association organized a system of marine intelligence to gather news on the movement of New York ships and cargoes throughout the world. 144 years later, the Association continues. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the ship’s lookouts in our headquarters gather information on ships entering, exiting and transiting our port. This information is then disseminated to our members, newspapers and other associations.

The ship’s lookout is still on watch.

The International Maritime Hall of Fame Lookout Awards are presented to visionaries of the 21st Century who through excellence in their company, organization, services exemplify the qualities of futuristic thinking in the maritime industry

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